Selected shows 2016-2011

Detail from I never thought that I would miss a kareokebar



2016 ”THE HOUSE OF PARADISE AND THE UNTOUCHABLE BRIDE”                      Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira, Rio de janeiro, Brasil


”The House of paradise”   was shown in April 30, 2016 in La Garage space in Grajau, Rio de janeiro and later it was moved to the Art Center Maria Teresa Vieira,  Carioca street 85  in the  center of Rio de janeiro, where it was  exposed 4-25 of May.
The exhibition had two parts: the first part was called ”The house of paradise” and the second is a short series of monotypes called ”The untouchable bride (seen from the perspective of a cat)”

It all started with a dream about a bright white house. There were people in the house and they seemed to be as enlightened and happy. I started to work with images of a broken marriage. The house was like a dream that could not be maintained. As walls we built to protect the things we want to keep desperately. A metaphor for safety, more than for happiness. The house becomes then an illusion of happines.

The history of the House of Paradise, along with the untouchable bride, treat the unattainable. The desperate search for an illusion created by each one of us. The subconscious does not distinguish imagination from reality. This house of paradise is in the concreteness of our imagination, where dreams are a complex pictorial work. Integrated hallucinations make a dreamlike scene.

The images are made in a technique that is a kind of monotype. Over time, they became more abstract. Still, they have a great deal of figurative approaches. This search for a balance between the figurative and the abstract during the working process is a target, which becomes a slit, which reveals this search as a continuum.

Broken Doll 100 x 100 cm”Broken doll/Fallen angel” ; mixed media on aluminium 100x100cm



a-noiva-intocavel-e-seus-amigos-intocaveis-2l”The untouchable bride with her untouchable friends”; mixed media 50x50cm



o-elevador-sem-som-copy-2”The soundless elevator”; mixed media on aluminium 70x100cm




Art center Maria Teresa Vieira4Opening night of  ”THE HOUSE OF PARADISE AND THE UNTOUCHABLE BRIDE”  Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira, Rio de janeiro, Brasil




2015 ”SLOTH” APA gallery, Stockholm, Sweden


apa X 2 med mellanrum

APA GALLERY Gävlegatan 1. Stockholm .  My exhibition “Sloth” was shown in January 2015. When I’m done with my pictures I am always looking for entrances where I can crawl into. The more openings, I find, the more convinced I become that the panting will work. I climb into the hole and remains there. The tranquillity of a sloth occupy me.

The technique I use, I have stuck to, precisely because it is so unreliable. I never know how thel result will look like. In the final phase, . During this process occurs often surprises. Cracks are opening up, and tear  whole landscapes apart, like an earthquake,   Not until I’m completely done with all the work I can get a true description of the situation. How much of what I previously knew existed, and what is new, behind the rifts and collapsed buildings?

When I re-use the materials I have previously occupied me with, I notice that some works have exactly the same effect on me as when I did them the first time. For example. ”Dancer still in Fallujah” where I just added that little word ”still” in the title, then the apparently eternal conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims; and now also Daesh; still poisons the region.

Others have already been stored in my memory fading photographs in their frames. They hang on a wall like the faceless portrait of a Japanese woman behind the red stain on the glass pane. The glass pane that we all stand in front, when we look into the ”I never thought that i would miss a karaoke bar, Liberdade, São Paulo.” A version of a piece that appeared on an individual exhibition at Al Gallery within the framework of the Baltic Biennial in St Petersburg in 2012

”Red cube in white rooms with escape route” is difficult to recognize. (Its cousin hangs in Washington in Robert Shapiro’s art collection.) Influences of Alexander Pankins stillborn mathematical calculations on Kazimir Malevitc abstract paintings are simply left in the title rewriting of red squares on a white ground. Now it’s yet one stage, a stage set completed.. ”

Ulf Lindell’s exhibition ”SLOTH” consists of a number of variations on the earlier work. Most of these works were made on aluminium sheet. Here they occur in large format on canvas. They are like fragments from the various exhibitions that took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil, with the hub here in Stockholm.

dancer -still in- Fallujah”Dancer, still in Fallujah”; mixed media on canvas 190x190cm



Red cube BIG”Red cube in a white room, with an escape route”;  mixed media on canvas 190×190 cm.



Hidden landskape”Hidden landscape”;  mixed media on  canvas  150×130 cm



The Caravan of Carl BIG”The caravan of Carl”; mixed media on canvas 190x190cm






2012 ”MISDIRECTED ATTENTION REQUIRED”  Part of the Baltic Biennial, Al Gallery,  St Petersburg, Russia.

at Al gallery St PetersburgOpening night of  ”Misdirected attention required” at Al gallery  in St Petersburg, Russia.

25 oktober. Al gallery, St Petersburg”Misdirected attention required” is a show about lovethirst that is turned on and off at a high speed. The name alludes to a kind of game, where indifference embodies the dilemma of keeping multiple views or choices while seeking decisive balance. Perhaps we can elevate indifference to an utopian state of active impartiality, endless options and the opportunity to develop in more than one direction rather than a pejorative description of a selfish game.

My shows are usually produced during periods of six months – one year. Furthermore I link them to each other by a few works recur in different variations. I take photos or collect materials of various kinds in the first six months. Then I select a few of these that I feel strongest for and begins to work with my monotypes.

I returned to Rio de Janeiro in early 2012. I would stay six months with Rossana, a friend since many years. It had started with a brief fling but soon it was changed to a deep friendship. A friendship that ran alongside my slightly chaotic relationships with two women who both knew Rossana well. Thus, she was always around during the time when I slowly approached an emotional collapse and a subsequent self-imposed break from all types of sexual relationships. I had a plan already when I came to Rossanas apartment. She would be my female alter ego in my next exhibition.

Rossana begging”Rossana begging”;  mixed media on aluminium 100×100 cm



Rossana giving you her finger”Rossana gives you her finger”;  mixed media on aluminium 100×100 cm.



Rossana laughing”Rossana laughing”; mixed media on aluminium 100×100 cm




röda stolsdynor

”Face Rossana with chairs” mixed media on aluminium 100x100cm”



opening night at Al GaleryOpening night at Al Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia, 2012





2011 ”TER LUGAR”  ( TAKE PLACE) Studio Dalmau Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

I usually paint cages arund my caracteres. I like to call  the cages ”deterministic rooms”. I do not mean to say that people are predestined but I assume the soft determinism that one find in the world  of philosophy. Can we perhaps see  the soft determinism as an existing balance between those who are treated well and the mistreaded.

For this exhibition I have used the work of two previous shows of mine. The first one, named ”Inutil” (useless) was shown partly in 2008 in the Gallery Operating place  in Stockholm, and the following year it was shown in its entirety at Centro de arte,  Maria Teresa Vieira  in Rio de janeiro. Brazil. It took up the themes of civil recistance; stone throwers were depicted as freedom fighters or terrorists. The second exibition , ”Under her yellow sneakers”   was shown in 2010 at AD HOC Gallery/SMAK , Stockholm, Sweden. In the artworks  were people, trapped in  their cages, , in the subwayor on the streets of Rio de janeiro, during the carneval earlier that year.

When I do try to bring together these two very different exhibitions, the identities are erased and the images become more similar. The stone throwingperson in Fallujah might as well dance on Rio de Janeiro´s streets. The vague, the poetic, seems to have a prominent place.

DCIM100MEDIA”Girl looking”;  mixed media on aluminium 2x100x100 cm



dressDetail from ”The moth ended up on her breast and stayed there before flying of again. Once the moth had flown off, she looked the slightest bit older”; mixed media on aluminium 100x100cm.



mulher_no_metro”In the other end in the room, there is a silence going on”; mixed media on aluminium 100×100 cm




Norens”Loneliness wasn`t such a bad feeling. It was like the stillness of the pin oak when the little birds flown of” ; mixed media on alumium 50×50 cm.