yin_yan_jung_1_large copybig nummer 2






”CULTURE PARK PROJECT 2003” Lejonslätten, Djurgården, Stockholm

yin_yan_jung_1_large copybig”Yin o Yan o Jung” 2003, sculptures of cement and iron bars.






Svd 2003 ” Part of  Yin Yang o Jung” 2003 in the ”Projekt Kulturpark” Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden.  An article in a Swedish newspaper (Svenska Dagbladet).





”ADAM AND EVES LAST OUTPOST”  Installation 2000, Rosendal Gardens, Stockholm, Sweden

adam_eva_1_large copy stor copy”Adam and Eves last outpost”. Seven meters tall slingshot of aluminum, elastic rubber band, transparent plastic, and an apple.





”MOON WATER” Installation 1996 Kungliga Djurgården, Stockholm.

         moonvater_1_large copy stor”Moon water” 1996, 15 illuminated plastic barrels filled with blue water.





”WITHOUT A TITLE IN BLUE” Installation 1993 Ad hoc Gallery, Stockholm

the_source_1_large copy storParts of ”Without a title in blue”. 1993, Oil paint on glass in iron-clad timber. Cacophony, light, and smoke. Paintings projected onto moving canvases. Ad Hoc Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.