Planned shows.

My show ”Emanate ll” in Stockholm is over now.

But my show at O Centro De Arte Maria Teresa Vieira in Rio de Janeiro is still going on.

”A gente” Mixed media on canvas 145x170cm exposed in El Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira, Rio de Janeiro



Emanate  big II” (La Scena) 2022 Mixed media on canvas 140 x 140 cm Emanate big II” (La Scena) 2022 Mixed media on canvas 140 x 140 cm


The first time I used the word Emanate as a working name for an exhibition was in Rio de Janeiro in 2020. Unfortunately my work was interrupted due to the pandemic and in the meantime I created a smaller exhibition in Stockholm, with the same name, before I could go back and finish the one in Rio.
Emanate 2 is a continuation of these exhibitions, but this time the pictures are frozen in the metamorphosis where the paintings go from being figurative to abstract.
I am drawn to abstract painting when I feel that the figurative becomes too narrow and unfree. In most of my previous exhibitions I have worked with abstract and figurative motives alternately. In this exhibition, both expressions meet. It should be mentioned that most of the paintings were created in Barcelona, on a roof in El Raval. There I have experienced a kind of freedom in my creation, an ease that I have not experienced for a very long time. By that I mean the result – a more spontaneous painting. But
the process has been anything but simple.
Ulf Lindell